What publican wouldn’t be happy to see his punters’ thirst slaked by a fine beer?
but Danny, having been at the forefront of the great beer revolution that swept these noble shores, couldn’t shake the feeling that the modern beer drinker wasn’t getting the snack that their complex brews deserved.

‘meat needs beer and beer needs meat’ he agreed with his old school mate Sean,a london charcuterist, as obsessed by the craft of curing meat as Danny was by the craft of brewing beer. which was when they took matters into their own hands.

Cleaver & Keg; good meat, the best in fact, 100% British too, ready to be paired with pints that deserve them. salt cured, air-dried, richly-spiced meaty morsels, doing more to set off your pint and tastebuds than a crisp, scratching or peanut ever could.