Introducing Cleaver & Keg

2015 was a good year for meat and beer as far as are concerned – in early 2015 we launched a range of packaged charcuterie into pubs and bars all over the UK– The Meat Merchants. From city centre bars, to country retreats we had a wonderful range of meat lovers enhancing their existence and of course their pint with cured meat.

It was quite simple, we set about trying to sort out snacking in pubs across the UK and we are pretty pleased with the results so far. There is however, still a long way to go and we are still hell bent on this as our fundamental mission.

It was always part of the plan to bring production to the UK as soon as possible and we are very excited to have achieved this well before we had thought it was even possible. We are now 100% British, we are now Cleaver & Keg and we are now are more determined than ever.

Meat needs beer and beer needs meat, this was agreed between myself and my good friend Sean Cannon, a legendary pioneer of British Charcutire. It works because he is as obsessed by the craft of curing meat as I am brewing and selling (and drinking) beer.

Beer is more way interesting now, this is a fact. Snacks (the majority of) however, are not. So we have taken matters into our own hands and we hope that you will agree that Cleaver & Keg can offer the pub goers of Great Britain the snack that their fine pints truly deserve.

We look forward to seeing you at trade shows and beer festivals up and down the country when we will most certainly insist on drinking beer and eating charcuturie with you.