Craft Beer Rising 2016

Urmm – I think we have just about recovered.

What an incredible beer festival. The sheer amount of beer was staggering and the quality of most of it was mind blowing.

We felt privileged to be part of a clearly explosive scene in Londons East end – it must however be noted that the beauty of this scene is its lack of regional monopoly. Lots of great beer coming out of London but equally I had some belters from West Yorkshire (Vocation), Somerset (Wild Beer Co) and even from little old Wisbech – thats you Elgood & Sons and your incredibly awesome lambic beers!

There was just something intoxicating (apart form the obvious) about a room stacked full of passionate craftsmen and women, all with queues of revellers at their bar eager to talk about the fruits of their labour. There was a real appreciation for flavour, style and passion – just the way a beer festival should be!

Reflected too in the great resposne we had to our snack range. Granted we were offering generous boats of delicious meat for £2 and so whats not to get excited about – but we had an absolute blast talking to beer drinkers about the desperate need for pubs and snacks in general to up their game – once again our convictions have been confirmed and the good people of the UK are ready for something better, ready for something with more flavour and more importantly they are going to be heading into their local pubs demanding it!

We did our best to ensure that everyone we spoke to had at least a quiet word (we would prefer a rawkus outcry of disbelief) in the landlord / landlady of their local pubs ear – you need to be selling better snacks guys. This beer is awesome, but your snacks are well….need some improvement should we say.

And with the good beer drinkers of craft beer rising flying the Cleaver & Keg flag in pubs and bars across the country we hope to sweeping every nook and cranny of the UK with the finest British Charcuterie we can muster- we will do our very best at least.

Next up is BeerX in Sheffield – see you there for a meaty morsel we hope.