Feeling the meaty love at PUB16

February 2016 is shaping up to be quite the month for beer snacking it seems. We were fortunate enough to be in attendance at the only show dedicated to the pub trade earlier this month and boy did we feel the love.

It was great to be in amongst some of the bar and brewing greats and to see so much innovation in an industry that has had on occasion, a reputation of falling behind the times when it comes to thinking differently. Of course now that craft beer (or modern beer – or really – whatever you would like to call it beer) has well and truly established itself as the real deal and is here to say – everyone else is upping their game accordingly.


And so too they should be – we were one of 5 cured meat snacks on offer as a tasty snack to compliment your pint – which to us is a triumph as far as we are concerned. The more of us there are determined to get good snacks into the hand of pint appreciators out there the better. Not only this but we saw some wonderful innovation from craftbeer growlersUK allowing us all to sup some of this great beer we speak of at home. Some great tasting brews in cans from some of our favourites including Five Points Brewing over in Hackney – the Railway Porter is the winner for me. There was an opportunity to head into a virtual reality from Meantime and of course Brew dog pulled out all the stops with an Arcade bar complete with all necessary bells and whistles – needless to say it was a great show and we were chuffed to be part of it.


Most encouragingly we had a constant flow of beer and meat fans alike passing through. From social clubs to burger joints and everything between – the fact of the matter is that our convictions have been confirmed and the good people of the UK are ready for a better, more forward thinking and most importantly more flavoursome snack with their beer. Be rest assured we will be working our socks off over the coming months to make sure every pub, club and bar up and down the country that serves good beer will be selling good snacks too.

Next up Craft Beer Rising (26th & 27th) February – still a few tickets left and so get involved and come and join us for a beer.