Meat + Beer

We thought it was high time we delved a little deeper into what exactly it is we think is so magical about food and beer matching.

The complexity of beer has clearly changed in the UK and we are now greeted with our pints bursting with super human hop varieties to beers crammed full of so many exotic fruits that they have been taken to a new level of ‘juicy’.

We have been banging on about it for a while now, but our vision is that anything snaffled with these increasingly challenging beverages should stand up to it when it comes to flavour profile, ingredient selection and most importantly quality.


A great opportunity we thought to take a closer look at the already (and most conveniently paired meat and beer case from Ales by Mail). Available for purchase for nothing short of a bargain at £17.50 and / or being given away for FREE (yes free) as part of our retweet and follow campaign. Follow us @cleaverandkeg for more info:


Let us kick of with the pale ale and the Salami Cuts. Camden’s Pale is a text book American pale ale. The combination works because it lets the subtle fennel of the Salami Cuts sing through at the same time as having just the right amount of bitterness to compliment slighter higher fat content of the salami. Basically its creates a velvety smoothness on the palette that washes down way too easily in our opinion.


By The Horns Wolfie Smith Amber IPA with our Chorizo Cuts is up next. The Chorizo seems to give the whole experience a bit more body to be honest. The sweetness from the beer gives the paprika a run for its money and hops are nicely challenged again by the fat content. This one for us definitely elevates the beer itself.


Five Points IPA was third on the list and this met its match with the Hot Strips O Beef. A brillianty spot on IPA that with that slightly higher ABV can definitely stand up to the heat. The tropical flavours you would expect do come through although they are compromised a little bit by the pepperriness from the beef (we have since developed a slight fruiter spice over the pepper – and we are convinced this will work out loads better) but overall another winner as far as we are concerned.


And last but not least we have the Street Porter from Pressure Drop that we have paired with our Strips O Beef. There is something about the depth of flavour in the porter that just allows all that seasoning and worcester sauce prance around in your mouth. The new silverside of West Yorkshire beef that we are working with is much less fatty than our previous attempts but the fat that does remain adds a really decent depth of the whole thing.

Overall, in our opinion every mouthful of beer was enhanced by the presence of meat. Generally speaking when it comes to food and beer pairing – flavours need to stand up to flavours and there is always one stand out element to each that should compliment the other. Don’t take our word for it however. Get yourselves over to Ales By Mail for a taste –