THE BIG LAUNCH with Ales By Mail

Where else can you get the hottest beers around in any quantity, delivered directly to you door, at the same time as a gift pack from Brewdog and a T shirt from Moor Beer co (another launch partner by the way) – not to mention probably the best range of snacks designs for good beer out there.

Ales by mail thats where (click me)

These guys have been pioneering the beer delivery thing for some time now. Ensuring that we can all enjoy really good beer in the comfort of our own home. Beers from some of the most progressive UK breweries on the scene and for our money, they have one of the best selections of world beer on offer too. Here are just a couple of winners from me that I thought deserved a special mention.


Wild Beer Co Summer Blend 2015

I was lucky enough to try this not too long ago and boy has it stayed with me. It might be that I have barrel ageing on the brain at the moment (currently waiting for a cask of Bad Seed Imperial stout to settle in the cellar) and being relatively new to sours too – this really did stop me in my tracks. A great example of what the boys and girls over at Wild Beer are capable of. Very much looking forward to the next in the series. We are also told the it will age well in the bottle for many years if properly cellared – although mine just didn’t last that long! Pair with Salami Cuts.


Siren / Cigar City Caribbean Chocolate Cake 7.4%

Its not often I drink a stout (typically aside from this weekend – when I will be getting stuck in to the Oyster & Stout festival at the Reindeer Pub & Kitchen in Norwich) but when I do get around to having a stout, I like to sit me down, look me in the eyes and say here I am, in  all my dark and heavenly glory. Thanks Siren Craft this absolutely delivers, with so much cake going on that it feels like your 5th Birthday all over again and a depth of flavour that just keeps on giving. A truly wonderful stout. Pair with Strips O Beef.


Mikeller Say Sun 6%

One of my earlier delves into the Saison world last year and I am not sure if its the simplicity backed up by some serious hoppage or the label design that I love the most (hands up on being led by great design – not just on beer by the way) but either way this is a great example of a saison that I would highly recommend snaffling before they all get got. I am yet to be disappointed by a Mikelller beer. Says most people. Most of the time. Pair with Salami Cuts.


Rye IPA from Barrel House Brewing Co 6.5%

One to keep an eye out for – I have not actually tried this one yet but it ticks every box that I am enjpying currently and I guess I am just going to have to see if I can arrange a beer and meat swap with our friends in Ales By Mail head office – will keep you posted.

You get the picture the guys over at Ales By Mail know their beer. Fortunately for us too, they also know their snacks. With a growing range of discerning snacks all of which go extraordinarily well with beer – you just cannot go wrong. Aside from the British charcuterie of course we highly recommend the Karkli coriander (we reckon it would go quite nicely with the Bristol Beer Factory Hefe – also available to purchase with Ales by Mail and an absolutely cracking beer).

We are super excited to be launching the full packaged range of meaty morsels with these guys in late April – so if you cannot get down to your local boozer for a meat fix then pick up a pack online – there will plenty of beer matchings too of course and some great deals if you are looking to fill your cupboard full of great tasting British Charcuterie.