This is a very exciting time for us.

We genuinely feel like we are on the cusp of something big as a beer drinking nation. Now, to the mere mortal the humble pub snack is nothing more than an afterthought – an impulse purchase to keep the hunger at bay and a bloody good excuse for that one last pint.

In this guise it serves itself well and has done for many years. Strolling back from the bar with 3 packs of dry roasted and some scampi fries between your teeth as you confidently place 3 pints, 2 empty wine glasses and the bottle from under your arm on the table – to service your friends desires simultaneously. Quenching their thirst with your generosity and contemplating their dietary requirements too.

Well at least you thought you were. Since when has a scampi fry been good for anything? Who even eats scampi these days? Peanuts are great but they are peanuts and no matter what exotic concoction you cover them in they will always be just a peanut. We could wax lyrical about the lacklustre offering of pub snacks all day long – the tiresome collection of outdated, uninspired and mediocre snacks that as a nation we all seemed to have settled for when we are in the boozer.

But we will not.

Instead we wil refer back to the inference that this is the start of something very exciting. With our meaty morsels going out to pubs and bars across the country next week it fills us with immense pride and joy (I will be celebrating with a can of Vocation later) that there will quite literally be 100’s of people walking back from the bar again laiden with drinks for their friends but this time, between their teeth will be the finest British charcuterie money can by (RRP £2 which is incredible value if you think about it). Slivers or slices of expertly sourced beef and and pork, lovingly cured to intensify all of those wonderful flavours making the quality of the meat sing out from the roof tops. Then packed into a little parcel of goodness that not only contemplates your friends dietry requirements but gives them flavour that will knock their socks off and more importantly compliment their drink. Flavour that can be savoured with every glug of beer or sip of wine. Flavour that can easily be matched to style or strength and most importantly flavour that will help change the playing field of what we are expecting from a pub snack.

We should be demanding more from snacks, for too long now we have let the mediocrity wash over us. Don’t let your snack be an afterthought with little or no consideration as to why you are even eating it. Make your snack part of the drinking experience and trust us, the world will be better place – it will enhance that one last pint at the very least anyway.

To the pub snack revolution – cheers!