two thousand and sixteen

Well well. What a year for meaty morsels this has been.

We have been blown away over by our reception since our humble beginnings way back in April 2016 – and first and foremost want to thank everyone that has been behind us from the word go.

We have worked with some of the most exciting beer pubs and bars in the country, some incredible breweries, inspirational start ups and lets not forget just purveyors of excellent snacks full stop  – all of which has been meant that we have begun to make our dream a reality and the landscape of snacking is most definitely changing for the better in the UK.

Just in case we need to remind you – our dream is merely this.

To ensure that every beer drinker in the UK has a decent snack at hand that will compliment their chosen tipple, quench their quest for great flavour and ultimately make their life better (at the point of snacking). It has also been incredibly encouraging that we are not the only ones with this dream. The UK snacking market is in some pretty serious growth, with the meat snack purveyors amongst us riding a steady wave in these exciting times.

There has been lots of talk in the past few years about the changing landscape and the renaissance of beer in the UK and for everyone involved this is by no means a new thing. So many talented people have been beavering away for years and beer, pubs and all of the innovation surrounding it is still managing to take itself to new levels. What is genuinely exciting for us is that this all has to be compliment by the same variety, innovation and incredible flavours when it comes to a decent snack to go with your beer. The passion and enthusiasm we have encountered has been infectious and as we roll into 2017 we are literally bursting at the seems with new ideas and lofty ambition for the year ahead.

Some highlights for us have been…

The Festivals

Its a chance for us to talk to the snackers, the snackers that are as excited as us about British charcuterie and beer. PUB16, craft Beer Rising, Beer by the River, Craft Beer Revoltion, Local Flavours, Port Elliot Festival, London Brewers Market and lets not forget the infamous Norwich Market for our POPUP beer shop and meat deli in our spiritual home. Waxing lyrical about our vision and how much meaty love we put into our snacks takes things to a whole new level for us and we salute you all for getting in amongst it.

The Breweries

We have had the pleasure of working alongside some of the finest masters of their craft the UK has to offer and the open arms approach to supporting us as an emerging compliment to their juicy brews has been exceptional – you know who you are and we hope to continue working alongside such inspirational people, beer lovers and meat appreciators throughout 2017.

The Producers

We count ourselves incredibly lucky to be working with some of the most established and passionate people on our recipes. These guys source only the best animals for us, they pick the best cuts and the work that goes into preserving that snack in the bag is quite literally second to none. The commitment to our vision and delivering the finest quality possible as we grow and take things to a next level needs some special recognition for sure.

Our Customers

We really do work with some seriously talented people up and down the country. A formidable bunch of entrepreneurs, beer lovers and just all round awesome folk. From bowling lanes in Bristol to micropubs in the midlands, the variety of people that we work with is huge but everyone shares a common theme. A commitment to quality, continuously striving to be ahead of the curve, delighting their customers with something new and ultimately supporting us and our vision for snacking in the UK – seriously guys – thanks!

We are so hyped about 2017 and here are just a few of the things we have in store.

PUB17, Craft Beer Rising, Norwich Winter Ales Festival, London Brewers Market, some unique collaborations with some very exciting breweries, a brand new meaty addition to the range, some very exciting distribution partners and continued growth, development and expansion that will allow us to move into new markets, invest back into our business and continue to realise our dream for the future of snacking in the UK.


Here is to a healthy, happy and prosperous 2017!